Investeer in de bruisende vastgoedmarkt van Dubai

Met zijn gunstige klimaat, zowel qua weer als qua ondernemen, bloeiende expat markt en een fors tekort aan passende woningen is Dubai momenteel de ‘place to be’ voor vastgoedinvesteringen.

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Why invest in Dubai?

Dubai enjoys high economic growth

Dubai's economy is experiencing high annual economic growth, mainly due to low government involvement and very low tax burden. Evidence of this can be seen in developments in infrastructure, innovation, IT, real estate and architecture.

Dubai has a stable currency as well. Combined with an annual GDP growth rate of 5%, the city's economy is unbeatable. Although this growth is largely dependent on the international workforce, Dubai companies pay their employees generously. This is one of the many reasons why people move to Dubai.

The property market is booming

To keep up with the impressive growth of Dubai's economy, at least equally impressive real estate projects are being built at a rapid pace. With month after month of new record transactions, Dubai's real estate market remains on the rise.

An increasing number of expats seek suitable accommodation

The city's international character, geographically attractive location between Europe, Asia and Africa, and tax advantages make it an attractive business location. Dubai currently has nearly 3.5 million residents, 92% of whom are expats. The ever-growing expat market demands move-in-ready flats. Through the process of refurbishing, existing properties can be brought up to western standards.

What do analysts say about Dubai?

Analysts predict that due to the government's reforms, attractive mortgage terms and change in housing preferences after COVID, demand for residential property in Dubai will rise sharply in the coming years.  

Opt for our local network

With the Dubai Fund, you benefit from our knowledge and experience in Dubai real estate accumulated over many years. We have a large on-site network of real estate experts and advisers. They are in close contact with our Dutch team and know the local market extremely well. As a result, they not only know how to select the right property, but also how to make the process run smoothly and quickly.

Dubaifonds ideale mix
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The ideal mix

Our investment focus is on three forms. Payment plans, where a significant part of the purchase price is paid after completion, while the property is already lettable. Off-market projects that are resold before completion. And properties below market-value for the purpose of refurbishing. 

Payment plan

When using a payment plan with existing properties, we deposit 20-40% of the purchase price at the time of purchase. We then pay off the remainder in 36 months, without having to pay additional interest. The property is immediately rentable, making the return higher than if we buy it without a payment plan.

Off-market plans

When buying off-market plans, you are indirectly investing in properties offered in the period before (or in the early stages of) actual construction. This has the advantage that buyers get more favourable payment terms from developers and thus earn higher returns. By buying off-market, investors secure the property without having to pay the full amount, thanks to structured payment plans. The investor pays up to 50% before completion of the property while the property can be sold after the first down payment.


Property refurbishing is a common investment method where existing property is purchased and refurbished to meet western standards before being put back on the market. It generally involves flats that are of high-quality standard, but whose interiors do not meet the needs of the western market, which consists mainly of expats. After all, they prefer a turnkey flat.

Dubai is waiting for you.

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Involved parties

The participant

With savings rates remaining low, investing in real estate is more interesting than ever before. Provided the right property is selected, it can yield handsome returns. Especially in a growth market like Dubai, with strong demand for (expat) properties and attractive purchase conditions for investors.

Jupiter Capital Dubai

We guide the buying and selling of real estate in Dubai in-house, in cooperation with specialists in the region. As a result, we have short lines of communication. We believe in Dubai and our expertise and therefore invest with you. This sets us apart in the investment market.

The advisors

Our specialists in the region have years of experience in buying, selling, managing, and transforming properties in Dubai. They are able to adequately assess and optimize properties. We also have a specialized team of financial experts who strive to maximize returns for you.

Expected returns


The expected total return could be as high as 18% per year. This return results from the fund's profits. If the fund makes less profit, the return will also be lower. There are risks involved in investing. You may lose part of your investment. You can read more about the risks in the information memorandum.


Entry into the fund is made by purchasing units at the prevailing net asset value. The amount to be invested should be at least €100,000.

Distribution policy

Return distributions are made quarterly in arrears in proportion to the units held.


Involved parties


Jupiter Capital Management

Legal owner

Jupiter Capital Abu Dhabi Ltd

Fund administrator


Financial supervision law advisor

Tax law advisor

Investment agent

Jupiter Capital Management

Frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us if your question is not listed here

Dubai's economic growth remains high despite inflation and global uncertainties. The Dubai government has high ambitions and is investing significantly to continue driving population growth and the real estate market. Dubai's real estate market is therefore booming. With a rapidly growing number of expats, gigantic demand for properties and a favourable fiscal climate, investing in Dubai real estate is an opportunity to earn handsome returns.

The government in Dubai has an ambitious growth strategy for the coming years. Therefore, it is creating a favourable business environment and working on a more transparent fiscal policy, which will attract even more companies to the emirate in the long run. This results in an ever-growing demand for housing for the growing number of expats.

While many international markets are still recovering from Covid-related lockdowns and restrictions, Dubai's economy has made great progress. This economic recovery, boosted by higher oil prices and the revival of tourism and trade, resulted in exceptional transaction figures (both in volumes and value) in the property market.

The number of project launches is increasing due to renewed optimism in the real estate market. The positive market conditions coupled with increased provision of infrastructure and facilities in various communities have also led many developers to pick up their projects that were previously put on hold and numerous new launches are planned.

Yes, indeed, to keep up with Dubai's growth ambition, a lot of additional construction will be needed in the coming years. Real estate as well as infrastructure and facilities. The local government has focused on achieving this ambition.

Jupiter Capital focuses on various areas:

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Dubai news

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13 mei 2023

Dubai rents up 26%, property prices increase 14.5%

27 april 2023

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31 december 2022

Dubai real estate set for 46% growth in 2023, data show

11 november 2022

Dubai real estate: Russians overtaken by Europeans as biggest property market buyers

27 oktober 2022

Dubai real estate: AED8bn of deals in a week

Jupiter Capital's portfolio

Dubai fund.

A favourable fiscal climate, a thriving expat market and a significant shortage of suitable housing make Dubai an attractive investment market.

Finance fund.

With our flexible, efficient and competitive approach, we help companies and entrepreneurs grow while creating an attractive investment product.

Investment fund.

We focus on a mix of future-oriented real estate in the Dutch market. Our starting point is maximum, but also stable returns.

Questions about the Dubai Fund?

If you want to know more, download our brochure without any obligation. In addition, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can send you our information memorandum.

Dubaifonds brochure

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Ronnie Veen

Ronnie Veen is initiator/co-owner of Jupiter Capital. He has years of experience within accountancy and now has 10 years of experience as CFO within real estate and related financial products. Previously, he set up a private debt fund and now decided to establish several funds, including the Dubai Fund for the purchase/sale of real estate in Dubai. He is also a lecturer in Economics at the part-time Finance and Control course at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


Harry Busser

Harry Busser is initiator/co-owner of Jupiter Capital. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate market in the Netherlands and Germany with real estate advice and property management of private assets (Family Offices and Private Equity) as core activities. Due to the demand from his extensive network for indirect real estate investments, he decided to set up several funds together with Ronnie Veen, including the Dubai fund.

Persoonlijk contact?

Vincent staat voor u klaar en komt graag in contact met u. 


Vincent Berk

Vincent Berk is investor relations van Jupiter Capital. Hij heeft 15 jaar ervaring in het begeleiden van private investeerders bij het aangaan van vastgoedinvesteringen. Zo is hij betrokken geweest bij een investeringsvolume van circa € 500 miljoen. In 2015 stond hij als mede-oprichter aan de wieg van een Hypotheek Fonds, waar hij zich richtte op het dagelijks bestuur en alle commerciële activiteiten. Vincent is het aanspreekpunt voor bestaande, alsmede geïnteresseerde investeerders. Als sparringpartner kijkt hij graag naar de mogelijkheden en kansen.