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Jupiter Capital is a passionate investment partner. We bring knowledge, local expertise and experience. In addition to our knowledge of real estate and capital structures, we have the best lawyers, tax specialists and brokers to advise us during the process.

Wij streven naar 9,4% tot 18% rendement per jaar, afhankelijk van het gekozen fonds en het bijbehorende risico. Dit wordt per beleggingsmogelijkheid bepaald op basis van het risicoprofiel van de belegging. Beleggen brengt risico’s met zich mee. U kunt (een deel van) uw inleg verliezen. U leest meer over de risico’s die verband houden met het beleggen in fondsen van Jupiter Capital in het informatie memorandum van het betreffende fonds. 

Investing is possible from €100,000 onwards.

Starten met beleggen bij Jupiter Capital is heel eenvoudig. Stuur een e-mail of vul het contactformulier in. Wij voorzien u vervolgens van de actuele beleggingsmogelijkheden en alle bijbehorende informatie.

With all Jupiter Capital's holdings, you pay a subscription fee of €250. The management fee depends on the fund chosen and can be found in the various downloadable brochures.

You can check the current value of your holdings at any time in your own digital environment using the 'Login' button on the website.

The duration depends on the type of investment and can be found in the corresponding information memorandum.

Your deposit is fixed until the end date of the fund. With some funds, it is possible that the term is extended to achieve a better end result. This is always done in consultation with you. The participation is also transferable.

Nothing. Your investment remains as usual, we just can no longer perform our management tasks.

Jupiter Capital falls under the AIFM light regime (as included in Section 2:66a of the Financial Supervision Act). This means that, as an alternative investment fund manager, it does not need a licence under Section 2:65 of the Financial Supervision Act. It is only registered with the AFM and has to comply with the conditions of the AIFM light regime on an ongoing basis. There is no ongoing supervision of Jupiter Capital by the AFM.

No prospectus has been approved and/or published. We are not obliged to do so because the Prospectus Regulation does not apply to offers of securities where the equivalent value for which the securities can be acquired is at least EUR 100,000.
We have prepared an information memorandum for the fund containing key information about the fund, the units and the investment policy.
An essential information document is also available.

It is possible to sell your investment privately or offer it into the fund. Please contact us for more information on this.

Our fund administrator Apex calculates the NAV (Net Asset Value) and requests and disburses the funds. They also prepare the annual accounts and take care of reporting to the DNB and AFM.

Dubai's economic growth remains high despite inflation and global uncertainties. The Dubai government has high ambitions and is investing significantly to continue driving population growth and the real estate market. Dubai's real estate market is therefore booming. With a rapidly growing number of expats, gigantic demand for properties and a favourable fiscal climate, investing in Dubai real estate is an opportunity to earn handsome returns.

The government in Dubai has an ambitious growth strategy for the coming years. Therefore, it is creating a favourable business environment and working on a more transparent fiscal policy, which will attract even more companies to the emirate in the long run. This results in an ever-growing demand for housing for the growing number of expats.

While many international markets are still recovering from Covid-related lockdowns and restrictions, Dubai's economy has made great progress. This economic recovery, boosted by higher oil prices and the revival of tourism and trade, resulted in exceptional transaction figures (both in volumes and value) in the property market.

The number of project launches is increasing due to renewed optimism in the real estate market. The positive market conditions coupled with increased provision of infrastructure and facilities in various communities have also led many developers to pick up their projects that were previously put on hold and numerous new launches are planned.

Yes, indeed, to keep up with Dubai's growth ambition, a lot of additional construction will be needed in the coming years. Real estate as well as infrastructure and facilities. The local government has focused on achieving this ambition.

Dubai is developing at lightning speed, but currently we are mainly looking at Emaar Beachfront, Dubai Hills, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and also keeping an eye on the following developments; Palm Jebel Ali and Tilal Al Ghaf.

Yes, in addition to the local team of advisers, who have guided property investments in the UAE for more than 30 years, our Dutch team also has experience in buying, selling and letting in Dubai. They therefore know the laws and regulations and are able to make a profitable investment.

We rely on the market knowledge of our local partners. They operate daily in the Dubai property market and have a large network. The main criteria we select on include the property's price, payment terms and location.

Yes, our entity is based in Abu Dhabi. Our local network in Dubai links with the various parties involved in the Netherlands and Abu Dhabi on a daily basis.

Our local experts work closely with our legal team in the Netherlands. They know the local laws and regulations in detail. Our entity in Dubai, which we own, owns 100% of the property, and only purchases property from reputable property developers. If the project is not completed for any reason, our entity in Dubai gets 100% of the amount paid up to that point back.

The fund invests only in properties of reputable contractors/developers where it is contractually arranged that in case of delays or failure of the development to go ahead, the fund will get its investment back in full.

Dubai has had no lockdowns in the past. That is one of the reasons many people have resorted to Dubai.

No, Jupiter Capital does not invest in Timeshare properties. We only invest in residential properties.

With all Jupiter Capital's holdings, you pay a subscription fee of €250. The management fee depends on the fund chosen and can be found in the various downloadable brochures.